Solar Led Lamp 800W
Solar Led Lamp 800W
Solar Led Lamp 800W
Solar Led Lamp 800W
Solar Led Lamp 800W
Solar Led Lamp 800W
Solar Led Lamp 800W

Solar Led Lamp 800W

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💡 Light Up Everything with 0 Electricity Cost

✅ Easy and Fast Install


Solar LED lights require no electricity from the grid, making them energy efficient and leading to reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills. They are powered by clean, renewable solar energy, helping reduce your carbon footprint and contributing to climate change awareness. Over time, these lights can save you money from not having to pay for electricity and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, requiring less maintenance. They can be used almost anywhere, making them convenient and safe to use in remote, grid-less areas or for emergency lighting.

This 800W Improved Solar LED Light System features super-bright LEDs that will light up the dark in a matter of seconds. Designed and build for a wide range of lighting applications such as commercial and industrial buildings, parking lots, street, pathway lights, playground, farms, parks and large area Residential and Recreational lighting. This high quality built and very durable light is completely self-contained.

Its innovative smart lighting profiles offer true Dusk to Dawn all night lighting capability. It offers flexibility for critical weather and variations of geographic locations and it is able to automatically manage the critical status of the battery. An All In One Design!

You can install it anywhere because it's wireless and you never need to worry about buying batteries because it’s solar-powered with a high powered battery storage pack

WIDE APPLICATION - Very simple assembly makes it possible to hang it anywhere in a few minutes as lighting for the facade of a house, driveway or farm buildings. Suitable for garden, swimming pool, fence, patio, side walk, stairs, exterior wall, etc. The wide  angle of illumination of up to 270 degrees , and the long  range of the sensor  will ensure the satisfaction of even the most demanding users with the product.

AUTOMATIC ON/OFF -  The PIR motion sensor can scan the moving heat source continuously within the detection range. When someone appears in the area, the light will automatically turn on subsequently turn off.

SOLAR CHARGE - It needs 6 hours of sunlight charging during the day for 10 hours of normal operation at night. No wires needed, giving you an eco-friendly, low carbon and economical product.

FAST CHARGING - The charging of the solar panel depends on the duration of the light and the weather conditions. The stronger the sun, the shorter the charging time. 


  • DIY Installation
  • Super Bright
  • IP65 Weatherproof materials: Weather-resistant, rustproof, heavy-duty resin frame provides extra reliability and durability, especially in humid climates and coastal communities. You don't have to worry about rain damage and sun exposure. These LED Solar Lights can also get charged with ice/snow in the Solar Panel.
  • Color temperature: White light 6000K
  • Motion Sensor
  • Lightning Senor
  • Remote Control


  • No need wires or electrical power
  • Dusk to Dawn
  • Motion Sensor with two modes
  • ON/OFF switch
  • These Solar Light System built will stay ON at full brightness all night long. Our solar powered outdoor lights DO last ON All Night Long
  • These Solar Lights last up to 10 hours during the night with only 6 hours of direct sunlight on the solar panel
  • Durability: Over 5 years
  • Package include: 1 x Solar Lamp 800W , Remote Control, Wall Mount, Screws

Why should everyone consider switching to Solar Led Lights? 
  1. Energy efficiency: Solar LED lights are powered by sunlight, so they don't use any electricity from the grid. This can help reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills.
  2. Environmental benefits: Solar energy is a clean, renewable source of energy that doesn't produce any greenhouse gases. Using solar LED lights can help reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change.
  3. Cost savings: Solar LED lights can save money in the long run, as you won't have to pay for electricity to power them. They also have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, which means you won't have to replace them as often.
  4. Convenience: Solar LED lights are easy to install don't need any wires and require very little maintenance. They can be used in many areas - home, garage, patio, garden, as security lights and etc... or where it's difficult or expensive to run electricity, such as remote locations or areas without access to the grid.
  5. Safety: Solar LED lights can provide reliable lighting in areas where it may be dangerous to use traditional lighting, such as during a power outage or in a flood-prone area.

Customer Reviews

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Oscar Torres

They work awesome, 100% recommended

Mark Efron

Solar Led Lamp 800W

Dennis Mitchell

Solar Led Lamp 800W

Chester Page

I ordered 3 light's and 1 light did not work, the 2 light's that did work i like very much. I really like the remote control where you can change the motions convincingly. I hope i can get the one that doesn't work replace. I would buy again, thanks very much!

Hello Chester,
Thank you for the review and the feedback. Replacement for the broken unit will be shipped to you and we will update you with new tracking number on your email.

Russell Wakeman

Great pouduct

Dermont Gray

Easy to install.
Light is also very bright

Roy Sammons


Will Deveer

Great item, comes in handy

Top Quality

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