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Solar lights

Bright lights. Nice product.

Nice and comfortable

Best bike seat

Definitely the most comfortable seat I’ve ever used.

nice seat

I was worried that being carbon fiber, it'd be too hard for my skinny butt but I like it

Beautiful cap!Fits well.
Lots of compliments,


This is really what I’m looking for after trying some solar lights for my back yard. Satisfied customer!!!

Bohemian Dress
David Hansen
Fun dress to wear

Design is as pictured. Wears well. Fits but I had to read the sizing very carefully. Haven’t washed it but I normally air dry so colors stay fresh.

Great lights Love them.

Unique fit...

Look great on the bike, very lightweight although I’ll need to check out the comfort of the minimum construction...

Solaris™ 2500W Solar Led Light System

CarbonFIT™- Premium Bike Seat

Very comfy

I've been in the seat for about a month and find it one of the better ones or these style saddles. I've tried the eBay knock off brand, as well as the bigger company seat in this style, and both we're pretty good but both developed squeaks between the rails and plastic (as many saddles do). Although they were comfy I prefer this seat as it has as little more flex built into the rear and middle portion. I started riding this style saddle awhile back because of the light weight as well as the comfort factor... At first it seems odd that so little material would work so well, but it does and it has helped relieve lower back pain for me during riding (all of the seats of this style I've tried, this one being the best feel). I ordered a second seat for my other bike as well. Worth trying it out for the price if you're interested. We'll see how it does long term.

Not bad for the money

Have had 3 rides now all over 35 miles each. I think it will take some time to wear in. It is not as comfortable as stated but a little more comfortable than the original seat. I just hope this eat last a while

Very nice

The saddle is quite nice. It does have some give to aid in taking.out the shock from some rough terrain. I have put about 150 miles on it and am pleased. I would recommend it.

It's super bright

I will be ordering more for my arena

Very satisfied

I’ve been on about 10 rides (350 miles) with this seat so far. It is very comfortable. If it lasts it will have been an excellent purchase.

Caarbon saddle

Really felt comfortable but too hard for me so I sold it too a mate who likes then like that

A Comfortable Saddle

Seat not too bad, but thought it was a bit “spongy”. Had to readjust my seat height fractionally but am enjoying the experience

Carbon FIT

The saddle on its own is as hard as any race saddle, now once you couple it with the padded liner (shorts) it becomes as good as any of the other high-ticket saddle's I have been on. It seems as light weight as any other as well. I put 30 miles on it (MTB) in a single ride and nothing to note pain/numbness wise. I will probably grab a couple more for the other bikes.

CarbonFIT™- Premium Bike Seat

Very comfortable. I’ve bought two so far .the first I’ve had over a year and it works great for me

Galaxy Dress
Darlene Shifflett

Galaxy Dress

Great investment

Lights up as advertised gonna buy me another one

1500W Solar Led Light System

Real good product of five star

Top Quality

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