CarbonFIT™- Premium Bike Seat
CarbonFIT™- Premium Bike Seat
CarbonFIT™- Premium Bike Seat
CarbonFIT™- Premium Bike Seat
CarbonFIT™- Premium Bike Seat
CarbonFIT™- Premium Bike Seat

CarbonFIT™- Premium Bike Seat

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Say Goodbye to Saddle Pain... FOREVER!

Have an unforgettable cycling experience!

Do you want to experience the best and most relaxing cycling adventure ? This saddle will help you enjoy cycling with maximum comfort and performance!

This premium built-in seat suspension is designed to provide optimal comfort, protect your perineum and increase efficiency. It's one of the best things to have on your bike, no matter what type of cyclist you are. Designed according to scientific logic, this saddle is shock absorbing and keeps you cool while cycling. 

✔ Bicycle seat that protects perineum

A sore buttocks and saddle soreness is a major concern of all cyclists. That's why, based on scientific findings, we've designed your new built-in seat suspension with a 24° down wing construction. It protects your perineum and offers you a comfortable and abrasion-free experience.

✔ Super Ventilated Design

We understand your concern about a bicycle saddle that makes you sweat more and more. For this specific reason we have designed our saddle to be super ventilated. It has 69 holes in the surface that let air through and keep you cool where it matters most.

✔ Sustainability

Made of chrome molybdenum steel and flexible engineering plastic, this saddle suspension is strong and durable. It is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. With 100% customer satisfaction, concerns about sustainability are no question.

✔ Increased efficiency

Your new Premium INBUILT SADDLE SUSPENSION isn't just lightweight. It also has a super aerodynamic design. This not only keeps you comfortable, but also increases the efficiency of your bike ride.

What makes the CarbonFIT™ so special?

✔ Perineal protection while cycling: Back pain and saddle fatigue are problems that all cyclists are familiar with. That's why we've carefully built a new saddle-shaped suspension with a 24 ° downward sloping wing design. Protects the perineum and offers a comfortable and smooth experience.

✔ Air circulation: The Softy saddle has been designed to be super ventilated. It has 69 holes on the surface to let air pass and keep it cool in key areas.

✔ Durability: Made of chrome moly steel and flexible engineering plastic, this suspension is strong and durable. It is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. It can be installed on road bikes, mountain bikes or as a saddle for an exercise bike.



Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Paul Fletcher

Nice and comfortable

Jay Snyder
Best bike seat

Definitely the most comfortable seat I’ve ever used.

Steven Holmes
nice seat

I was worried that being carbon fiber, it'd be too hard for my skinny butt but I like it

Unique fit...

Look great on the bike, very lightweight although I’ll need to check out the comfort of the minimum construction...

Geoff Ankeney

CarbonFIT™- Premium Bike Seat

Lil Jimmy
Very comfy

I've been in the seat for about a month and find it one of the better ones or these style saddles. I've tried the eBay knock off brand, as well as the bigger company seat in this style, and both we're pretty good but both developed squeaks between the rails and plastic (as many saddles do). Although they were comfy I prefer this seat as it has as little more flex built into the rear and middle portion. I started riding this style saddle awhile back because of the light weight as well as the comfort factor... At first it seems odd that so little material would work so well, but it does and it has helped relieve lower back pain for me during riding (all of the seats of this style I've tried, this one being the best feel). I ordered a second seat for my other bike as well. Worth trying it out for the price if you're interested. We'll see how it does long term.

Greg McMurray
Not bad for the money

Have had 3 rides now all over 35 miles each. I think it will take some time to wear in. It is not as comfortable as stated but a little more comfortable than the original seat. I just hope this eat last a while

Joshua Mathias
Very nice

The saddle is quite nice. It does have some give to aid in taking.out the shock from some rough terrain. I have put about 150 miles on it and am pleased. I would recommend it.

William cartee
Very satisfied

I’ve been on about 10 rides (350 miles) with this seat so far. It is very comfortable. If it lasts it will have been an excellent purchase.

Tony B
Caarbon saddle

Really felt comfortable but too hard for me so I sold it too a mate who likes then like that

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